History of Brooke Hospital London - Learn about Brooke Hospital!

At this hospital there are several regulations in order to keep it a healthy, friendly environment.

No smoking policy

We have a new Smoke Free Policy which was brought in at the start of 2006, banning smoking completely. Smoking is now forbidden in all buildings which are part of the hospital. The ban is applicable to staff, patients and visitors.

Stopping smoking during your hospital admission increases your recovery time and can cut down on the risk of complications. Would you like help to stop smoking before your hospital admission or are you worried about doing without smoking during your hospital stay?

Alcohol and illegal drugs policy

There is a total ban on patients and visitors taking alcohol and illegal drugs into the hospital. Any illegal drugs or drink found will be removed. In the case of illegal drugs the issue will be referred to the police.

Mobile Phone use

Phones can only be used in certain ‘safe’ zones of the hospital, for example main corridors, foyers, on the stairs and the cafe. Bluetooth cannot be used within the hospital at all as it interferes with medical equipment.

How to access your medical records

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you are allowed to see information on your health. If you want to do so please write to the Health Records Administrator at the address below. They will make the essential arrangements for making the notes available to you. There is a minor charge made for this service.

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