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Eye Care

Eye care in the UK provides around 17.5 million sight tests yearly of which about 12 million are funded by the government. This part of the site explains all you need to know about eye care, who gives it and how essential it is to make frequent checkups into part of you and your family’s lifestyle.

It’s an old adage but very true of eyes, “you only have one pair, so look after them”.

This section will open your eyes to the unlikely but possible conditions that could often be treated and whose symptoms could be reduced considerably. You can find more detail about optical health and find your local optician on this site.

Simple eye conditions

The eye is an exact device that depends on an image being created on the retina by the focussing of light through the cornea. It is fine tuned by the internal lens. Since the tolerances for good vision are very small it is a small miracle that not all of us need no correction till later life. When such a perfect fit is not present we have a need for optical correction.

Here are some examples of blurred vision formed by small imperfections of our most valuable sense organ:

  • Short sight
  • Long sight
  • Astigmatism
  • Reading difficulties
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